What Control Panel Does iPage Use?

iPage is a leading web hosting service provider, and had been existing for years. What made it different from other web hosting services is the service they offer. Their tools were tailored for beginners and experts alike. With iPage, you can easily manage and maintain your website.

image circle - mouse iconYou don’t have to memorize complicated codes to make your website look better. All you have to do is drag and drop items you need on your websites – it’s as easy as that. With iPage’s control panel, you can access everything you need, like tools for website management, email, domain management, scripting and add-ons, and e-commerce.

iPage’s Control Panel: What Is It All About?

image circle - control paneliPage’s control panel may be the most used page on your iPage account. From here, you would be able to manage and maintain your website and your iPage account. iPage’s control panel is powered by vDeck, and it features an easy to use tool and easy to navigate interface.

This is why iPage’s control panel is easy and intuitive, thanks to vDeck. Aside from this, vDeck also boasts the following feature:

  • It lets you manage and maintain everything under the same interface.
  • Everything is categorized
  • Easy to navigate

What You’ll Expect From iPage’s Control Panel

image circle - customerWhen you first look at iPage’s control panel, you’ll know right away that it won’t be that difficult to navigate. The control panel is designed so that even beginners and newbies can find their way through it. iPage even customized it so that their customer can feel confident when using their control panel.

Here are some other things that you can do with the control panel:

  • You can customize the widgets depending just the way you like it. You can change them so that you can easily access the widget you need to maintain your website.
  • View and restore your website’s backup with ease. All you have to do is click on the backup/restore button.
  • You can easily install scripts on your website using SimpleScripts.
  • You can easily locate the tool by category. It saves you time from figuring out where to find what you need.

Everything With Just One Click

iPage’s control panel is intuitive and easy to use. You will be able to find what you’re looking for and use them in no time. The icons are categorized into the following

small green icon - laptop comp

Website – in this category, you will be able to find the tools you need to create and manage your website. Under website management, you will be able to help configure your FTP.
You can also create your own website under Weebly Drag and Drop Website Builder and Website Creator CM4All, integrate WordPress with your iPage account, install scripts on your website using SimpleScripts, access tools for e-commerce using ShopSite Starter, check the disk usage, access MySQL Database, configure your SSL settings, access SiteLock Web Security, and a lot more.

small green icon - email account

Email – under this category, you would be able to access and manage your email accounts. You can create new email account, manage spam settings, configure the auto-reply settings, and forward your emails.

small green icon - domain

Domain – from this category, you can access DomainCentral to manage your domains. You can even purchase new domains or transfer your external domain to iPage.

marketing icon

Marketing – the tools under Marketing helps you to promote your website by selecting from the free marketing credits that you got when you subscribe with iPage.

small green icon - user icon

Account information – helps you manage and make changes on your account information. From here, you can change your password, update your billing information, or set a security question.

Take note that only allowed services for your account will be displayed on your control panel. All you need to manage your website is right under your fingertips.

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