What Are Your Priorities?

Knowing your priorities will help you filter out what’s important in the very long list of features that you will see. No doubt, these web hosting pages will bombard you with free data, long list of “technical” features and overwhelm you with so much options that basically, you will just want to get it over with.

Do yourself a favor and list down your priorities. Limit it to 5. Then list your second 5 list of WANTS in your hosting account. Use this list as a guide when you go through your web hosting options.


How do you buy an iPage hosting account?

You can get an iPage account simply by visiting their site. You can sign up directly from their site as long as you provide your valid billing details. They only have one account so it does not get confusing to you.

There are a couple of add ons that you may choose to have like their domain privacy feature, a bumped up security suite or even the additional domains (on top of your one free domain) that you may want to buy through them.

How do you pay for an iPage hosting account?

You pay for an iPage account via credit card. They also accept payments via debit cards and PayPal. They make it easy for you to pay for the service so that you can start right away.

Just note that you are prepaying for the whole length of your contract’s term, not on a per month basis. The per month rates are just showed for illustration purposes so that you can get an idea on how much things cost for you, operations-wise.

I am just a first timer here. Where do I begin?

Do not be afraid – a lot of first timers go to iPage, too! In fact, everyone who is an expert today started as a newbie. So you really have to take the time to learn about the details, study the terms, learn from your mistakes and just enjoy the process of being a web admin person.

You can begin by looking over their most important features, which is in their first page. We recommend that you focus on the eCommerce list first.


How can my blog be hosted in iPage?

Your blog can be hosted in iPage with the help of a content management system, like WordPress or Nucleus. Most of the time, these well-used CMS tools are easy to install and supported even by the most basic of web hosting packages. Here are the things you need to do to have a blog in iPage: download the latest version of WordPress from their official site, WordPress.org and then install it to your iPage account via the dashboard, vDeck.

You just need to unzip the WordPress kit within the directory, usually the public_html folder and then it will install on its own. Just follow the windows and instructions prompted as you install.

After that, you can choose where to place the blog. For example, you have a vacationhousesforrent.com site. Your blog can be placed under the vacationhousesforrent.com/blog folder so that your daily updates can be placed there.

Along with the installation of WordPress, you can easily incorporate the social networking feeds of Twitter and Facebook so that your users will feel that they are up to date with the latest information.

I love supporting green companies. Is iPage a green company?

Yes, iPage is a green company. Most companies claim that they are green just because they are doing carbon offsetting activities. While no doubt, this is useful, we need something more drastic to really help the environment.

With iPage, they are powered by 100% wind energy. So this means all of their servers get their energy from windmills. Imagine how many sites are powered by servers everyday. Not only do they consume electricity, they also produce heat that is released into our air and then circulates in the environment. Every step that we can do to help our Earth is well appreciated and this includes the use of iPage of wind energy to power their servers.

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