What Are Common Complaints About iPage?


image circle - customerA customer is always right or a customer is not always right. This is one situation or grind that business owners will encounter in the business world. Customers’ complaints can trigger business owners. It depends on how they should handle it whether positively or negatively.

image circle head userIpage Host of course is not spare from this situation. There is an uneasiness of some other customers over iPage Host in over 15 years of their service in the World Wide Web. Truly, imperfections are very natural yet improvements can be beneficial for them and for their customers.

How would iPage customers rate?

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iPage customers can rate iPage hosting with their user-friendliness, with their price, reliability and uptime, software, and its technical support. Together with their reviews they can rate iPage Host by giving it five stars for satisfaction or few or no stars for dissatisfaction.

What are the common complaints of iPage customers?

The common complaints of iPage customers to iPage hosting are as follows:

  • small circle 4Multiple and Err in Charging for the Use of Software or iPage Tools. One of the iPage customers testified that she was charged three times for using the Site Builder tool. As she needed to create six pages of her website, she applied for the use of site builder tool.

    However, she was surprised that they charged them three times. This is one of the common complaints of iPage customers wherein the web host could accidentally charge its customers more that they might pay for. Another complaint is iPage charging inaccurate price rate for the use of their software.
  • small circle 2Complaint over Technical Support. iPage customers complaint about the real location of its call centre and help support. They thought that it was based in United States of America. The fact is the call centre and help support of iPage are located in Bangalore, India.

    Another problem they complained was that the live chat technical representatives committed misspelled words and that according to some of the customers they lacked knowledge.
  • small circle 3Reliability and Uptime Complaints. There are not so good reviews about the ipage hosting server that it is slow and cannot function pretty well. And that the server’s general uptime is inefficient too. One customer said that she waited for about 15 to 20 minutes for website to open.

    Some of the iPAge customers said too that there is also a problem when logging-in.
  • small circle 1Software Complaints. According to some iPAge customers the iPage software like Drupal and Joomla are not functioning well.

What are other complaints about iPage hosting?

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For reasons of dissatisfaction and disappointments of some iPage customers, they accused iPage of having false advertisements and policy theft. Some claimed that iPage charged them inappropriately and indicted them of theft.

What is iPage review by some iPage customers?

According to one web host reviewer based on the reviews of about 400 iPage customers, the rates of iPage are as follows:

  • User – friendliness – (2 stars) or Needs Improvement
  • Price – (5 stars) or Very Good
  • Reliability and Uptime – (2 stars) or Needs Improvement
  • Software – (2 stars) or Needs Improvement
  • Technical Support – (2 stars) or Needs Improvement

What could be iPage remedies for these complaints?

image circle - moneybackTo come up with remedies from all these complaints can help iPage Host. They should handle these complaints positively and think of solutions to resolve them like compensating the complainers by giving discounts or giving them additional service. One of the remedies of iPage Host is the money back guaranteed.

In case iPage customers are not satisfied for a period of time, their money will be returned. Another remedy is to make their server and software function well. This is to retain the loyalty of the customers and credibility of iPage hosting.

2 thoughts on “What Are Common Complaints About iPage?”

  1. First of all, ipage is AMAZING! I have had AWESOME customer service, in fact they called me personally the day after I bought my website domain. They called to make sure I had no problems with the order and then they assigned a young man in their tech support to me. I can call him to help me design my page, like ALL day. I knew nothing but this guy walked me through it all.

    You get 6 pages free….by free I mean i paid around 10-15 bucks for the site name and then 6 pages were/are free. If you need more than 6 pages its STILL less to upgrade to premium hosting than it is even to use wordpress (18$ for a wordpress hosted domain is a lie, they don’t tell you that they up’ed the price at wordpress to 99 bucks! ipage sells you the domain for less AND you get free hosting for 6 pages)

    I haven’t even needed all of the 6 pages yet lol so I dont care about that. If I need more i’ll gladly buy a premium hosting plan which is still less than every other site with this many tools that i have found. WordPress charges MORE and has WAY less features. I know, I own http://www.angelsintheunderworld.com which (sadly) wordpress hosts. Oh well…live and learn. WordPress is better for the free sites. The prefab blogs and such. I love ipage so much that I know own 3 website domains which they host! I will never go anywhere else.

    I have used several domain hosting sites in the past, but IPAGE offers EXTENSIVE website building platforms, tools and services. Mine even has a built in SITE MAP and its made to work with Google webmaster tools so everything integrates perfectly. ipage offers the Weebly site building tool and their customer service is so awesome that in TEN minutes I had my sitemap, header codes and meta codes for Googlesearch inclusion! If customer service gets any better than that, I don’t know how. I freaking love this ipage host and i seriously recommend them…

  2. very poor about to nil ticket response, everytime they say that they will update in 2 to 4 hours but they are unable to update 2 to 4 days. i suggest to never come on ipage.

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