Should I Buy iPage SiteLock Security, Or Is It A Gimmick?

image circle - security lock shield iconSecuring your website is very essential for the advancement of your personal and business site. There are millions of people using the Internet online every day, chances are there would be possibility of your computer from threats and harms. With the threats and harms like viruses, malwares, spywares, email vulnerabilities, spammers, and unsolicited Third party your computer and website’s stability and productivity might be affected.

image circle mac iconSecurity tool such as Sitelock Security must be installed in your website to protect you from all these computer threats and from any various security problems. Securing your website will attract more people to visit your site and will result to having potential customers for your business and gain more revenues for your personal site. This will make your website stable and productive.

image circle marketing iconiPage Host with its great hosting plan offers many features for the good of your website. These include managing and building your website and your emails, promoting your website in the World Wide Web through its marketing tools and directory listing, and securing your website and data.

image circle - like iconIn fact they give priority in securing your website by offering a SiteLock Security for free and it is worth $100. This security tool will guarantee you that your website is fully protected once it was installed in your website. Once you signed up with iPage Hosting Plan your SiteLock Security will be configured right away! Yes, it is for real!

What is iPageSiteLock Security?

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iPageSiteLock Security is a tool in keeping your website safe from spammers, viruses, malicious malwares, spywares, and from other unwanted Third Party. With the SiteLock Security it will ensure you and your visitors that your website is safe.

This will be of advantage to tour personal and business site and will attract more visitors and potential customers to visit your website.

What can SiteLock Security do for you?

You can benefit from SiteLock Security with the following uses:

  • It verifies your business and your personal site.
  • SiteLock Security scans malicious malwares daily.
  • It scans spams regularly.
  • It displays certificate to your site.
  • Secures your data.
  • It has a content network scanning.

How does SiteLock Security operate?

image circle seo iconOnce the SiteLock Security was installed, it scans your website from any security problems, threats and harms such as malwares, spywares, viruses, spammers, and unsolicited Third party. When the scanning is completed, your personal or business site will be verified and then you can display the “SiteLock Security” badge in your website. This will ensure your visitors that your website is officially safe and free from any security problems.

How to install the iPageSiteLock Security to your domain?

Once you have signed up with iPage Hosting Plan, you can configure the SiteLock Security to your domain by the following steps below:

  • First you have to log in to your hosting control panlewhich is the vDeck control panel and then click the “Site Lock” tab.
  • Key in your email address wherein you will be notified with this address for the SiteLock verification. Then the SiteLock page will be displayed.
  • Choose the domain for which you want to configure the SiteLock and then click “Add SiteLock to this Domain.”
  • Next, click the “Access SiteLock” to save the code for your certificate.
  • Then your information will be verified through a wizard. The code for your SiteLock certificate will be provided on the last page of the wizard.
  • Next, choose the shield color, size, and code type.
  • Choose the code in the textbox and put it in your website to the location you want your certificate to be displayed.

1 thought on “Should I Buy iPage SiteLock Security, Or Is It A Gimmick?”

  1. Previous employee

    I used to work for sitelock. I quit because I got tired of telling people that their site was infected when in reality our scanner was just reporting one of many false positives. the scanner is actually designed to report false positives so the customer can be up sold for 50.00 per month. If you call sitelock you will only be sold. I am posting this because I have stole thousands of dollars from honest people. 18,000 per month to be exact. Please stay away from this company.

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