Is iPage’s Weebly Website Builder Any Good?


Is iPage’s Weebly the same as the full Weebly?

image circle - control panelIf you have an account with and have tried using their site builder, then you will immediately notice that they are the similar to that of iPage’s Weebly tool. This is because iPage uses the same site builder as Weebly is, in fact, an independent hosting company that provides free web hosting services to users.

Their remarkable site builder became widely known and used which convinced them to make it proprietary. Because of this, other web hosting providers were allowed to use the same site builder in exchange for licensing fees.

iPage opted to use the same site builder and acquired its license so iPage users can also use it. Now, the Weebly Drag & Drop Site Builder was already included in iPage’s basic web hosting services.

I have just one problem here.

iPage’s version of Weebly is outdated. It’s like, they bought the license to offer it to their customers, and they never paid Weebly to upgrade that software. So if you use iPage’s Weebly, it will be the old one and hey, we’re in 2015 now. It’s clunky and the templates don’t look up-to-date.

If you want to use a site builder, I do not recommend iPage. Recently I’ve come across a FAR better choice:

eHost’s website builder really makes most other web hosts’ site builders look like they’re from the dinosaur age. Even better, you can also use regular hosting accounts with your same eHost account. So you could have one website using their website builder, and you could have another website on that same account, which is a WordPress blog, for example. eHost offers way more flexibility than other site builder providers because they’re a hybrid of a web hosting provider and a site builder provider.

Currently eHost is available for $2.99/mo (that’s 50% off the regular price of $5.98) as I write this. Hopefully their sale doesn’t end before you see this post.

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