Is iPage’s Identity Theft Protection A Good Value?


Every day, there we do a lot of activities online. We check our email, read news, shop online and even blog about our everyday life. As we stay online during the day, there will always be a possibility that you will be typing in your personal information. For example, when you sign up for a forum or for a new account on a social networking site, you will have to give your name and email address.

image circle - id iconWhen you shop online, you need to give your account information and delivery address. It is important that before we enter our personal information through online forms, we’re 100% sure that the website is secure, or else we risk our identity to be used by other people.

What Is Identity Theft?

image circle - eye iconOne of the most common crimes on the internet today is Identity theft. Every day, a lot of people become a victim of this crime. Identity theft is a type of fraud wherein your personal information is used by an imposter to obtain money and benefits or gain credit. Some of the personal information they can use are the following:

  • Social security number
  • Driver’s license
  • Email account login
  • Mobile phone number
  • Passwords
  • Credit card number

How Do You Become A Victim?

There are several ways that you can be a victim of identity theft. The most common way to get your personal information is through the internet. Below are just some examples of how your information can be obtained and used for identity theft.

  • small green icon - email account

    Receiving emails asking for your information such as password, credit card number or back account number. These emails may look as if it came from trusted organizations or companies, such as banks. Activities like this, which tricks you to sending your information to hackers, are known as phishing attacks.

  • small green icon - warning

    Links or websites that contains harmful malwares that gathers information from your computer. These malware, such as spyware, may be downloaded and installed from your computer without you knowing it, and would track your activities and data to be used illegally by scammers.

  • small green icon - chat balloon

    Chat rooms, instant messaging, dating websites or forums can also be used as tools by criminals to solicit personal information by earning your trust.

  • small green icon - laptop comp

    Using weak passwords for your online accounts.

  • small green icon - social media

    Low security and privacy protection on your social networking accounts such as Facebook

image circle - domain with gear iconThere are times that we have to send our personal information over the internet. Before you send your personal details, you have to make sure that the person or the website receiving them is trustworthy. Never give out your information to someone you don’t really know, or to any dubious websites or email addresses.

iPage’s Identity Theft Protection

image circle - security iconiPage have always considered their customers’ security, safety and protection online. Because of this, they had created features and add-on services to give their customers a peace of mind. One of the add-on services that iPage created is Prevent Identity Theft And Secure Your Data.

This add-on service is a must-have, especially if your website contains sensitive information that could be either be yours or from your guests. For low price of $12.95 a year, it gives additional protection and security on top of the security feature that you get. This add-on does not help to protect your identity online; however this special add-on will help you with the following:

  • Identify security vulnerabilities that could cause identity theft.
  • Protects sensitive data that your site may be collecting.
  • Prevents hackers from obtaining your data.

If you’re running an online shop or any kind of e-commerce website, iPage Prevent Identity Theft is a good value for you. You can be sure that hackers won’t get any of your sensitive data, and your website will be more secure and protected.

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