Is iPage Compatible With Mac, iPhone and iPad?

apple icon image circleApple products are in demand in the market today. A lot of people are using their products such as iPod, iPhone, iPad and MacBook. Every day, you can see someone holding an Apple product in their hand. Apple had been a leader when it comes to mobile technology. They had innovated products that keeps people connected.

image circle - browser iconWebsites are created so that it would be compatible with their product’s screen resolution, giving iPhone or iPad users a better view of the website. Most professionals had been using iMac or MacBook to create great graphics or video. Apple products are not only in demand with ordinary consumers, but with the business as well.

Why People Use Apple Products?

Apple products are in demand, not only with ordinary users, but all with business users. There are several reasons why they choose Apple products than the competition.

  • Apple products enhance productivity within the business.
  • Apple products are reliable and secure.
  • It can be integrated with the system without any difficulty.
  • Productivity apps are available to download from their app store, so you can still do your work even if you are away from the office.
  • It’s easier to be online with iPhone or iPad. You can be connected and be informed anytime you want.

Is Mac Compatible with iPage?

image circle mac iconiPage also considered that their customers may be using Mac, iPhone or iPad with their services. And with this, iPage made sure that their service is compatible with the Mac OS. Customers who uses Mac OS on their computers can be sure that iPage will work on their computer. All they need are the following:

  • OSX 10.4 or higher.
  • Latest version of your web browser.

You can access and use all the tools available with your iPage subscription. The only exception is the Website Builder, since it is already an application.

image circle - fix repair tool iconThe website builder is an essential tool for developing your web. This comes free with your iPage subscription, and before you use it, it is advisable to see first if it would work on your Mac computer. You can be sure that the website that you made with iPage can be viewed by other Mac computers as well.

iPage On Your Mobile Device: Is It Possible?

image circle - iphonesYou can access all the services and tool on your iPage account through your computer. You would be able to create website and publish them with ease using iPage’s Website Builder. You can also manage your domain from your Mac computer. However, it’s not the same with your iPhone or iPad.

You can only do limited things on your iPage account when you access it with your mobile device. While you can access iPage’s control panel and manage your Mac computer, you wouldn’t be able to do the same thing with your iPad or iPhone.

The control panel is not designed to work on mobile browsers. With that said, you wouldn’t be able to do the following on your mobile device:

  • Access the Drag and Drop Website Builder.
  • Use SimpleScript to add tools on your website.
  • Install SSL certificate on your website.
  • Integrate WordPress on your iPage account.

image circle neck tie iconIt is much wiser and more reliable to manage your website through a computer rather than managing it on mobile device, since there are some tools that are not available in mobile version. However, you can still manage your email account on iPage, and view your website through your iPhone or iPad.

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