How Much Do Extra Domains Cost On iPage?


image circle - domain with gear iconiPage is the epitome of excellent web hosting service at its most reasonable price. You can sign up with their hosting service for a price that is less than $2 a month. That’s way lower than any web hosting price you’ll see in the market. For this very low cost, you’ll get all the basic services you’ll need to start your own site including:

  • Unlimited storage space and bandwidth
  • Unlimited MySQL databases and email accounts
  • An integrated site builder
  • Applications installer
  • Number of add-on services to spice up your website
  • Lets you own a domain name for free

When you register with iPage, the first step is to select your domain name. You can either create a new domain name or use an existing one. If you create a new domain name, you’ll be able to register that with iPage for free. Of course you may also use an existing domain name and forfeit your free domain name (which is not logical).

image circleYou must note however that the free domain name registration is for only one domain and it will only last for the first term or the first year. After that, you need to renew that domain and pay the necessary domain costs. Renewal costs will be the same as the regular rate of iPage domains. (See iPage domain prices below)

Page as a Domain Host

image circle - mouse iconAs discussed earlier, iPage can also act as a domain registrar/domain host. Aside from the free domain name you get upon registration, you may also register additional domains or ‘extra domains’ with iPage. iPage is able to host an unlimited number of domain names for a single hosting account.

This means you can purchase as many domain names as you want and park them with iPage without paying additional costs.

Domain Central for iPage Users

iPage is hailed as a great domain host by many. Not only because of its free domain or affordable domain prices; iPage also has a unique domain management tool called Domain Central.

With this tool, you can easily organize, sort, manage and regulate all your domain names whether they are registered with iPage or with other external domain registrars. It’s so easy to use and provides handy options like automatic domain renewal, domain privacy (you need to purchase it), domain lock and unlock, and more.

image circle - transferThe best thing about Domain Central is that you can easily transfer domain names from other domain registrars to its domain database. The instructions are simple and the whole process only takes a few minutes. It even has a table of authorized transfer codes for various domain registrars stored in the knowledgebase web page.

Regular Domain Prices

domain globe internet iconDomain costs actually vary between different domain registrars. There’s no fixed price for a particular domain. This is truer with domain resellers who arbitrarily fix their own domain prices. Domain prices also depend on the domain extension or TLD (top-level domain) you want to use such as .com, .net, .org, .info, .biz, and more.

The .com extensions are the most popular and widely used TLD. That is why they are usually the most expensive among other extensions. The .net extension, on the other hand, is more affordable and is a great alternative for .com domains which were already purchased or used.

image circle - money iconFor short and common domain names, the domain price can reach as high as a hundred thousand dollars. Because numerous people want to own these types of domains, auctions are conducted to see who gives the best bid. That is why I said prices can go as high as a hundred thousand bucks.

Domain pricing on iPage

image circle price tagAs for iPage, domain prices are fixed and can easily be determined through iPage’s table of domain prices. You can check it using this link: This is also where you can directly purchase domain names and register them with iPage if you have no existing hosting account.

A domain with .com TLD is worth $14.99 per year with a minimum term of one year. A .net domain, on the other hand, is worth $9.99 per year. Local domains like have higher prices at $42.99 per 2 years.

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  1. Can I host one additional domain at my ipage hosting account without cost? And what is the procedure? Please inform me any friend. I’ve purchage one domain from now i want to add it ipage. Yesterday i failed three times.

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