How Does iPage’s Money Back Guarantee Work?


How Does iPage’s Money Back Guarantee Work?

iPage offers a money-back guarantee on all of their hosting plans. Some users however get confused on how it works. The best way to understand them is to read iPage’s User Agreement found in their official site. Feel free to open it on another window on your browser for an easier cross-reference.

First of all, you will see there that you are in fact given the authority to terminate iPage’s service at any time you want. The only requirement for an effective revocation is a prior written notice, which iPage fixed at thirty (30) days. As per Section 2 (b), subparagraph i, you or either party can terminate service with iPage anytime as long as a thirty (30) day prior written notice is provided.

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Usually, you’d only get this low $1.99/month pricing if you go for the 3-year plan.

However, to sweeten the deal for you, they are offering the best price on the smallest plan too. So you can get the 1 year plan for $1.99 per month. That’s an entire year of hosting for just $23.88, making it one of the best deals I’ve ever seen from iPage.


calendar iconSo if you’re on the fence, I should let you know that iPage’s price is usually starting at $3.25 per month and going up from there depending on which plan you select.

The next thing you need to know is who are entitled to iPage’s money-back guarantee service. Some iPage users don’t even know that only customers who pay by credit card can get the full 30-day money-back guarantee. Under the same provision, it is stated that the thirty (30) day money-back guarantee is valid for credit-card payments only. Considering the costs related with processing payments made by other methods, the thirty (30) day money-back guarantee for other payment methods are inapplicable.

Hence, for users who paid through other payment methods such as PayPal, you cannot invoke this provision to get a full refund on what you paid for iPage’s hosting services. Now for those who were entitled to the 30-day money-back guarantee, here’s what they will get in case they choose to cancel iPage’s hosting services within the thirty day period. It is stated in the iPage User Agreement that should an account with a thirty (30) day money-back guarantee is purchased and cancelled within thirty (30) days of sign-up, the User will, receive a full refund of all hosting fees, upon request. And that requests for these refunds should be made directly with iPage Support Team.

image circle - money iconnNote that you will get full refund and you must communicate your decision directly to iPage’s support team. The next question is, “what if you cancelled your iPage account outside the thirty day period?” And second, “to those who were not entitled to the 30-day money-back guarantee but cancelled their iPage accounts before the end of the term, what will happen?”.

Now, to retrieve what you paid is possible but only to the extent of the unexpired or unused term of the hosting service. However, you will need to pay what iPage calls “early cancellation fees” which have a minimum of $35.00.

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