Does iPage Support Google Analytics?

image circle marketing iconOnce you get your first website up and running on the web, your next task is to draw site visitors to your new website. You can do this in various ways like promoting your site in other websites or in the social media, improving your site’s ranking in search engines, or purchasing advertising service from popular websites like Yahoo!, Facebook or Google.

But how will you know if all your efforts are actually working? You need to monitor your site’s traffic and other statistics. And you can do this with a simple tool called Google Analytics.

Google Analytics Explained

google analytics
Google offers a unique service to website owners called Google Analytics. It allows users to view a detailed yet comprehensive statistics regarding their websites. Some of these statistics are:

  • page views
  • average time on site
  • traffic sources overview
  • traffic types
  • most visited pages
  • time on site by country
  • bounce rate
  • and many more

image circle iphonesGoogle Analytics also support mobile websites, mobile apps and web-enabled phones. It can also be used for monitoring your site’s standing in the social media. Statistics are updated in real-time so you can meet the demands of site occurrences as they happen. This is a crucial tool for e-commerce site owners and those who earn from site visits and clicks such as product advertisers and affiliates.

Web Hosting with iPage

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iPage is the epitome of excellent web hosting service at its most reasonable price. You can sign up with their hosting service for a price that is less than $2 a month. That’s way lower than any web hosting price you’ll see in the market. For this very low cost, you’ll get all the basic services you’ll need to start your own site including:

  • unlimited storage space and bandwidth
  • a free domain
  • unlimited MySQL databases and email accounts
  • an integrated site builder, applications installer
  • a number of add-on services to spice up your website.

Does iPage Support Google Analytics?

thumbs up iconYes, iPage supports Google Analytics. Like most websites today, sites hosted by iPage can also use Google Analytics. If you want to check whether your website can use Google Analytics, just go to

Enter the URL of the website you want to check Google Analytics support and then click “Optimize”. On the next page, you will see some information regarding that website including Google Analytics support.

How to get Google Analytics on Your Site

You need a Google Account to use Google Analytics for your site. You also need to alter some of your site’s HTML source codes to make it work. Here are the instructions for getting Google Analytics:

  • First, visit the official site for Google Analytics at This is where you’ll get the code you’ll use for your website. You will need a Google Account to use its service so if you still don’t have one, then sign up first with Google using this link: Enter the necessary information and follow Google’s instructions. If you already have a Google Account, then skip to the next step.screenshot 1
  • In the page of Google Analytics, click on the “Sign up” button.This will send you to another page.screenshot 2
  • On the following page, you’ll need to enter some important details regarding your website on which Google Analytics will be installed. This includes: the name of your website, its URL, industry category as well as time zone. (Note: For the time zone, you can use it to determine what time your site visitors from a specific time zone use your website.) Also, enter the Account Name you will use for Google Analytics.screenshot 3
  • Once completed, scroll down and click the “Get Tracking ID” button. It will open the Google Analytics Terms of Service Agreement page. Just click on the “Yes, I agree” button and click “Create New Account”.screenshot 4
  • If your registration is successful, you will be given a block of code that you will use for Google Analytics. Just copy the whole code (make sure you don’t miss anything). Now you’ll have to embed these codes to your website’s HTML code. If done correctly, you can now view and use Google Analytics on your website.screenshot 5

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