Does iPage Really Offer A Free Domain Name?

iPage Gives You 1 Free Domain For 1 Year

image circle check ribbonYep! iPage gives you a free domain name for one year. After that, they start charging you for it. For .com domains that’s around $15/year.

If you’re not into that, I should mention that gives you a free domain for LIFE.  Plus their site builder is so 2015, whereas iPage’s site builder is so… 2010.

During registration, select the option that lets you create a new domain. The price of the domain you entered here will not be included in the billing, so it’s totally free. However, it is advised that you think of the free domain name you will use very carefully.

  • First, iPage will only let you have one free domain. You cannot change the domain name you entered later on. If you want another domain, you’ll have to purchase it from iPage at its regular price which can range from $9.99 and $14.99.
  • Second, the free domain will only last for one (1) year or the first term. This means that at the end of your first year with iPage, you’ll have to renew the domain you used or else your rights over it will expire. Hence, you need to be careful in choosing the domain name you want to use.

Discount Alert: iPage now $1.99 per month (80% off)

Today, you can get an iPage account for $1.99 per month. That’s 80% off the regular price of $9.99/month. Keep in mind though, if you want to use a site builder tool (drag and drop), I highly recommend you go with eHost instead. Thankfully, they have a sale right now too.. they dropped it from $5.98 per month down to just $2.99 per month.


image circle - domain with gear iconOnce you decided a name for your website, the next thing you need to do is check whether it’s still available online. Millions of domain names have already been registered and thousands more get purchased each day. Domain prices are not fixed and can even cost more than the price of a hosting service.

Domain Registration

Domain refers to your site’s name on the internet. It identifies your site’s location in the network so users can access them through their browsers. Domain names must be purchased online so you can register them under your own name. There are several domain registrars on the web that can provide you the domain name you want.

Others engage in domain reselling in which they purchase good domain names or those with potential users and then sell them at a higher price. They are harder to deal with than regular domain registrars. To find out whether your desired domain name is already registered or taken, just open that domain on your web browser and check what appears on the web page. If it displays a website then it means the domain already has an owner. If it says that the webpage is for a “parked domain”, it means someone has purchased the domain but does not use it yet.

image circle - like iconIf it displays some ads with the name of a website you need to contact to purchase the domain, then that is a domain reseller. Finally, if the web page returns an error or a “page not found” prompt, then the domain name is probably still available. For more accurate information, try visiting a domain registrar that provides a domain search engine.

Domain Prices

internet with ipage logo

image circle - money iconDomain prices have no fixed price. Their price is determined by several factors.

Prices vary depending on the domain extension used, whether its .com, .net, .info, .biz, .org and more. The domain extension .com is usually the most expensive among them. There are also local domain extensions or those specific to a particular region or country.

These have relatively higher prices than regular domains. Domain prices are also determined by the keyword used. Common keywords or those that are short and easy to remember are expensive domains and their prices can reach up to thousands of dollars. These are the domains wanted by several users. That is why auctions are conducted between these users to determine who will get the domain name.

image circle neck tie iconEven if you have enough money for the domain name, you might still lose it in a domain auction. Finally, there are domain resellers which fix their own domain prices. Selling domain names is their business so you cannot expect a low price from them. Now that you know how much you’ll have to spend on a domain name, you can now appreciate how much you’ll save with iPage’s free domain registration.

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