Does iPage Put Ads On My Site?


Yes, iPage can place ads on your website, but only if you allow them to. For this to be done, iPage has already created its Affiliate Program, which you can access in your hosting account.

iPage’s affiliate program

image circle - ads iconThe iPage affiliate program is an optional online application, which you can utilize to give iPage the opportunity to put up ads in your website and email pages. As such, to make it convenient for you, it has prepared a variety of banner ads and text linkages from which you can choose from.

Is this not easy money to earn? An extra earning wouldn’t really hurt your bank account, right? Just say yes to iPage affiliate program.

You don’t even have to live in the U.S. to take advantage of this. You can live anywhere outside U.S. and can still make use of this program. Just provide a URL for iPage for monitoring purposes.

Simply enroll in this program by using these few steps:

  • Lon into the ‘affiliate profile’ menu.
  • When prompted for answer, fill up the online form.
  • Then click the ‘update profile’ item.

Particulars on your commission payments


The good news is that iPage will not limit your commission earnings. In other words, it has not set a maximum amount for you to earn. There is also no limit for the number of iPage customers you can refer to them.

So, the more customers that sign up with iPage using the banner ads and text links in your website, the more commissions you will receive. It will be paid to you within 15 to 30 days after the end of the month that a qualified purchase was made. For example, if an iPage customer signs up and successfully transacts a qualified purchase on the month of March, your commission for this will be given to you 15 to 30 days after that month.

image circle - money iconThere will be two options for the payment of your commissions. You can apply it to your existing web hosting plan, or in check form. But if you live outside of U.S., note that, for your check payments, a mailing address is required. Note further that your check payments will be in U.S. currency.

Things to remember

To successfully sustain this program, please remember the following:

  • small circle 1Report and declare your commission earnings to the IRS. This forms part of an income earned by independent contractors under the 1099 income account. If you need the IRS form, iPage will send you this.
  • small circle 1Comply with the terms and conditions of iPage affiliate program. In particular, these are contained in the corresponding Affiliate Agreement, Terms of Service and Acceptable Use Policy.
  • small circle 1Avoid facilitating fraudulent sign ups or excessive cancellations. iPage has the right to withhold your commissions when sign ups are made in a fraudulent manner. It will also monitor if the privilege of cancelling sign ups is abused or in excess already.

Affiliate ads to choose from

ads icon 2

To see iPage banner ads and text linkages that you can utilize, log into iPage Affiliate Console menu and click the ‘banners & links’ item. Then, you can start selecting from the following:

  • Tex or HTML Link. To use this, just copy the HTML code and input it in your website and email pages where you want to display it.
  • Banner Images. Next to the banner images that you like are its corresponding code. Just copy this and place it in your website or email pages where you want to display it.
  • Smaller Banner Images. Simply follow the same procedure as above.

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