Does iPage Offer Dedicated IP?

The hosting plan you’ll choose and use will highly depend on your needs and that of the website you wish to publish. There are plans suited for those with low budget but wanted all the essential features of a basic website. There are also those fit for huge companies that require more resources than average websites.

Web Hosting Plans

image circle - transferThere are many types of web hosting services available on the market. They differ in terms of prices, features, and capacity. You need to check carefully which hosting service is right for your business so you do not end up blaming your web host for crappy services when in fact it’s your fault for signing up with the wrong hosting plan.

Some hosting services also appear expensive than others but upon closer look, you’ll discover thatyou’ll indeed save more with that service in the long run.

Here’s a simple enumeration of the usual hosting services that you’ll have to choose from:

  • Dedicated Hosting Services–This is the most expensive type of hosting service you’ll find on the market. Dedicated hosting is designed for huge businesses and companies that need high-performance websites and more complex security services. To do this, web hosts reserve an entire server just to host a single website. This is why it’s called dedicated hosting. The site owner will also get his own dedicated IP address for his website.If you only want to publish a simple blog site or personal website, then this type of web hosting is not recommended for you (unless you’re super rich in which case you can do as you please)
  • VPS Hosting–VPS stands for Virtual Private Server and is defined by most people as a combination of dedicated hosting and shared hosting setups. VPS hosting is similar to regular shared hosting environment because a single web server is used to host multiple hosting accounts. However, it is somewhat analogous to dedicated hosting because each hosting accounthas its own virtual server within the main web server. The server is partitioned into several virtual servers which are allocated with enough resources (CPU and RAM) to perform better than regular shared hosting plans. It is a little bit more expensive than shared hosting because of this feature.
  • Shared Hosting– finally, we have the most common type of web hosting setup called shared hosting. In case your web host failed to tell you what type of web hosting they offer for their regular hosting service, it is safe assume that it falls under this category. In this setup, a single server hosts multiple web hosting accounts which is why it can get a bit slow when too many websites demand resources at the same time. The best thing about shared hosting is that it’s inexpensive and is best for people who want to publish simple websites.

iPage Hosting Services

image circle piggy bankiPage is the epitome of excellent web hosting service at its most reasonable price. You can sign up with their hosting service for a price that is less than $2 a month. That’s way lower than any web hosting price you’ll see in the market. For this very low cost, you’ll get all the basic services you’ll need to start your own site including:

  • Unlimited storage space and bandwidth
  • A free domain
  • Unlimited MySQL databases and email accounts
  • An integrated site builder
  • Applications installer
  • A number of add-on services to spice up your website.

iPage does not support dedicated hosting

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iPage is popular because of its very affordable price. Because its main services consist of shared hosting packages. Dedicated hosting is not on the menu of iPage since that is simply not what users are looking for when they land on the website of iPage.

Affordable web hosting is what iPage is all about and their aim is to cater to the needs of people who badly want to publish websites but are restricted by their low budget. If you want a dedicated IP, better check out other expensive web hosting providers.

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