Do I Need An iPage Directory Listing For SEO?

One of the hardest tasks in publishing websites is getting good site traffic. There are many different approaches that you can try to increase your site’s visitors and most of them will entail additional expenses on your part.

SEO Basics

image circle seo iconTo get your site noticed online, you need to improve your standing with search engines. This is because search engines are the best source of site traffic. The first initiative of a common web user that wants to learn about something,or buy a product, or enjoy a certain service, is to use the search engine.

Just enter a keyword and click the search button and bam! You get a huge list of search results related to the keyword you used. If your website is also related to the keyword, then it might also be included in the search results.

image circle - customerThe problem isthat an ordinary search can yield thousands of search hits, and hundreds of pages to contain them. A regular web user will only read the first two pages (most of the time only the first page) of the search result, and once he finds what his looking for expect him to close the search page. Your goal as a website owner is to land on the top spot of the list of search results.

How Search Engines Work

image circle keyboardSearch engines are programmed to use algorithms in finding keywords on the web. These algorithms are also responsible for arranging the results. There are numerous factors for determining the list such as term relevance, site traffic of the website, number of occurrences of the keyword, sites linked on the website, and many more.

A different search engine also has different algorithms.Your aim is to improve your site’s ranking on these search engines, and this process is called Search Engine Optimization or simply SEO.

iPage Hosting Service

pcakage 2 iconiPage is the epitome of excellent web hosting service at its most reasonable price. You can sign up with their hosting service for a price that is less than $2 a month. That’s way lower than any web hosting price you’ll see in the market.

For this very low cost, you’ll get all the basic services you’ll need to start your own site including:

  • Unlimited storage space and bandwidth
  • A free domain
  • Unlimited MySQL databases and email accounts
  • An integrated site builder
  • Applications installer
  • Number of add-on services to spice up your website
  • iPage also offers a unique service called Directory Listing

Community Directory Listing with iPage

ipage directory listing banner
image circle - money iconIn exchange for $29.95 per year, you can have your website hosted by iPage listed on its community directory. You can check the community directory using this URL At the bottom of the page, you’ll find two “Buy Now” buttons, one for a single listing worth $29.95, and the other for 5 listings worth $118.95 per year.

The community directory is a place on iPage’s official site where all iPage websites who signed up for this additional service are featured. The websites are arranged into several categories so web users can easily browse through iPage-hosted sites, something that prospective hosting account purchasers usually do.

It also features a search engine that will only search for iPage-hosted sites. Being listed in the community directory benefits your site considering the fact that iPage’s website has very high SEO ranking and site traffic.

Will Directory Listing Increase Improve your SEO?

image circle - like iconThe answer is definitely yes. Getting backlinks is one of the things you’ll need to improve your site’s ranking with Search Engines.The more backlinks, the better. Users however get mixed feelings for iPage’s directory listing because they display your site’s link as a “nofollow” link.

A “nofollow” link actually tells search engines not to follow this specific link. However, SEO experts are one in saying that nofollow links are also valuable for improving a site’s ranking. In fact, even facebook shares, which are widely used for site promotion, arenofollow links. A good mix of followed and nofollowed links is what you’ll need to get good ranking on search engines. And iPage’s directory listing is a good choice for this task.

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