Can I Transfer My Website from FatCow to iPage?


image circle user thinkingDifferent people have different needs. They also have different wants. They subscribe to a certain service because they believe they will be able to get what they are looking for. There are times that they are more than satisfied with what they have, and other times, they are not getting what they really want.

This is also true when it comes to web hosting services. People would subscribe to a certain web hosting provider, thinking they can offer what they need and what they want. In the long run, they realize that what they subscribe for is not what they really want.

Below are some of the reasons why people would change their web hosting service provider:

  • They don’t have a good customer support
  • The service is not always reliable
  • The monthly fee is too expensive for the service that they are getting
  • Their services lack features or add-ons that they need for their website

Fatcow Vs. iPage

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Two of the most popular web hosting service provider is FatCow and iPage. Both web hosting provider had been in the industry for a long time, and both had the same feature. The only difference is the price of their plans.

With iPage, you can get their service for $1.99 for the first three months and $2.95 for the remaining months. FatCow offer their services for $3.15 a month, which is higher than what iPage offers. Both had similar offered services such as:

  • small circle 3Unlimited disk space, bandwidth and mailbox
  • small circle domain iconFree domain name
  • small circle 4Easy to use site builders
  • small circle token iconMarketing credits
  • small circle 2FTP support
  • small circle 224/7 customer support
  • small circle green recycle iconEnvironment-friendly data centers

iPage offers Anytime Money-Back Guarantee, where you can cancel your service even after your first month, and still get a refund. FatCow, on the other hand, only offers money back guarantee during the first 30 days.

Web Hosting Transfer

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Some subscribers will feel that the web hosting service they got is not what they really want. In the long run, they will decide to transfer to another web hosting service that is more reliable like iPage.

The big question for them is: “Can I transfer my FatCow website to iPage if I subscribe to them?” The answer to this is a big yes. If you decide to transfer to iPage, it will be easy for you to transfer your existing domain to your iPage account. You have two options to do this

  • Transfer your existing domain name
  • Hosting your site with iPage by changing the DNS setting of your website to iPage’s server

How To Transfer Your Website?

image circle - like iconiPage made it easier for their new subscriber to transfer their existing domain to their servers. There is also no additional cost if your transfer your domain with them. You can easily manage and maintain your external domain using iPage’s DomainCentral. So, how can you transfer your FatCow website to iPage?

To do that, just follow the simple steps below:

  • Unlock your domain name with FatCow. Most web hosting service provider lock the domains registered through them.
  • Get the transfer authorization code. It can be displayed on your account or emailed to you when you request to unlock your domain name.
  • Login to your iPage account.screenshot log in to ipage
  • Go to control panel, and click on the “DomainCentral” icon.screenshot 1
  • Type in your domain name, and select “Add Existing Domain”, then click “Add”,screenshot 2
  • Select the domain name you added and expand it to see the domain settings box.screenshot 3
  • Type in the transfer authorization code, and click “Transfer”.screenshot insert authorization code
  • You should receive an email confirmation after doing the above steps. Follow the instruction on the email to complete the domain transfer.
  • Make sure to lock your domain after doing the transfer to avoid unauthorized domain transfer in the future.

After doing these steps, you may need to transfer all the important files needed for your website to work.

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    I have bought my.domain name in different company and hosting In fatcow… Is that compulsory to transfer my domain to fatcow or can.I launch my site without transfer…. Because I have already paid the amount

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