Can I Transfer My Website from BlueHost to iPage?


Yes, you can.

Although BlueHost is also a popular web hosting company, iPage has an edge over it. iPage offers its services at reasonable prices. On the other hand, BlueHost customers are thinking of switching to other web hosting companies because of its expensive rates.

Time for a change

image circle - time icon sand glassIf you cannot be prevented from leaving BlueHost, then consider switching to iPage as a better alternative. Just transfer your BlueHost domain registration to iPage’s DomainCentral, without need of transferring anything from your website. You will simply change your web host provider.

image circle - like iconAs such, this will not result to any disruption or disturbance in your website operations. Again, you will simply change your hosting account to iPage. You don’t have to worry about any downtime. No visible changes can be seen in your website as it will continue to function in a normal manner.

Prior requirements for registrar transfer

To successfully transfer your domain name to iPage, note first your compliance with the following requirements:

  • Your domain name must be in existence for 60 days, at the least. In other words, it is duly registered with BlueHost for at least 60 days.
  • It is not expired, or about to expire within 10 days. Otherwise, there is a need to renew it with BlueHost first for another 60 days.
  • It must not have a registry lock.
  • It must have been maintained with BlueHost in good financial standing, with no unpaid or unsettled accounts.
  • Your email address in the administrative contact records for the domain must be valid and working.
  • Your domain name is free of any legal disputes or complaints.
  • Your domain privacy application must be disabled before initiating a transfer.
  • You will need the authorization code of BlueHost.
  • You will also need a domain credit good for one year. Check first in the DomainCentral of your control panel if you have this already. If you have none, you can purchase it in your host account.

Actual Transfer of Domain to iPage

For the actual transfer of your domain name to iPage, read through the following details:

  • Go to the DomainCentral menu of your control panel.screenshot 1
  • Click the ‘add existing domain’ item and then the ‘add’ item.screenshot 2
  • The domain name will appear in the list, but it is indicated as ‘transfer’ under the ‘registrar’ portion.
  • Next to the domain name is a ‘+’ sign. Click it and then select the ‘transfer’ item.
  • Under the ‘auth code’ item, put in the authorization code of BlueHost.
  • Then click the ‘transfer to AccountSupport’ bar.
  • iPage will send an email to your administrative email address. To quickly facilitate the transfer, follow the instructions provided therein.
  • BlueHost may also send you an email requesting for confirmation of transfer.
  • When completed, the registration period of the domain name will be extended for another year. This will signify the end of the transfer process.


image circle - fix repair tool iconIn case you cannot initiate the transfer, double check if the domain name has a registry lock feature with BlueHost. This is usually offered by web hosting providers in order to avoid unauthorized transfers. If it is really locked, just disable it, or you can request BlueHost to unlock it for you.

But there could be other reasons why it is under registry lock. BlueHost may have locked it automatically because your domain name is about to expire within 10 days, or it may have been recently registered within the last 60 days.

image circle - telephone iconAt any rate, you can always call iPage’s customer assistance 24/7. Surely, they would be more than willing to help you finalize and conclude the transfer of your domain name to them. It could also be locked because of legal disputes, or is under internal investigation by BlueHost.

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