Can I Transfer My Site to iPage?


Yes, you can transfer it to iPage.

image circle ipage logoIn the web hosting industry today, iPage has become a good alternative for those who want value for money. You get lots of freebies, such as free domain registration, security tools, site-building applications, shopping carts, search engines and marketing tools. It also has unlimited bandwidth, disk space and email addresses.

Plus, its web hosting service is more affordable as compared to the others. It’s even discounted now at only $1.99 per month for the first 3 months.

Convenient switching to iPage

image circle check ribbonSwitching to iPage is relatively easy. Just transfer your current domain registration to iPage’s DomainCentral. That’s it. You are simply substituting your current registrar. It does not involve transferring of files and data from your website. It will not even disrupt your website functions, and there is no need for you to experience downtime.

As soon as done, you will enjoy the benefits provided by iPage, such as:

  • A DNS (Domain Nameservers) service for all your domain names.
  • Maintenance of just one username to control your domains, as well as your hosting account.
  • An ADRS (Automatic Domain Renewal Service) application, which provides for the automatic renewal of domain registration to ensure against its expiration.
  • User-friendly iPage DomainCentral service to help you manage and administer your domains.
  • A Domain Privacy application for the protection of your Whois information, which you can add for just a minimum fee.
  • iPage’s 24/7 customer assistance service.

Prior registration requirements for immediate transfer

To facilitate and expedite the transfer of your domain name to iPage, the following has got to be complied with:

  • Your domain name should be currently registered for at least 60 days with your present domain registrar.
  • It has not expired. It is also important to note that it’s not going to expire within 10 days. If that is the case, renew it first with your current domain registrar and wait for another 60 days.
  • It should not have any outstanding or unpaid accounts with your current domain registrar. Otherwise, they might contest your intention to transfer to Ipage.
  • It should not be under registry lock with your current domain registrar. Ask for their assistance to unlock it.
  • It should not be involved in domain disputes or complaints.
  • The email address you declared on record with the administrative contact of the domain must be existing and valid.
  • If you have a domain privacy application, it must be disabled before a transfer can be done.
  • Secure the transfer authorization code from your current domain registrar.
  • Secure a domain credit for one year from your host account. However, check the DomainCentral of your control panel if you have existing domain credits that you can use.

Simple transfer procedures

To effect the transfer of your domain name to iPage, just follow these simple procedures:

  • Log into the DomainCentral menu of your control panel.
    screenshot 1
  • Select the ‘add existing domain’ item. Then click the ‘add’ item.
    screenshot 2
  • A list will appear, which will include your domain name. Note that in the ‘registrar’ column, a ‘transfer’ remark is indicated.
    screenshot 3
  • Note also the ‘+’ sign next to the domain name. Click this ‘+’ sign and then choose the ‘transfer’ item.
  • Enter the authorization code of your current domain registrar in the ‘auth code’ portion.
  • Then select the ‘transfer to AccountSupport’ bar.
  • Next, iPage will send an email to the administrative email address of your domain name. Just follow the instructions outlined therein.
  • Your current domain registrar may also send you an email for the confirmation of transfer.
  • Finally, you will see that the domain registration period of the domain name has been extended for another year. This will indicate that the transfer of your domain name to iPage was successfully done.

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