Can I Cancel iPage Anytime?

Yes, you can cancel iPage anytime. However, you’ll only get your money back for the number of months you didn’t use.

So if you bought a 1 year contract and you used it for 2 months, you would get a prorated refund for the 10 months you didn’t use.

I personally prefer to do a low monthly payment for any services I use, rather than buying into 1-year contracts or longer.

That’s why I use and recommend HostGator. I personally use the Baby plan since it’s very affordable, yet I host several websites on one plan. As a result of my experience, I recommend HostGator to my clients as well.

HostGator offers a month-to-month payment option for all their hosting plans.

Plus you can use coupon code BUILDPATH to get 60% off your hosting.

Best of all, since it’s month-to-month and very affordable, you can cancel anytime without worry. They also offer a 45-day money-back guarantee.

All of us want to get more out of what we pay for. We expect great service, and that it will work as we promised. Some can be happy with the service they subscribed with, while some seem frustrated.


image circle thumbs downThere will always be downtime, and this would make the customers frustrated and angry, especially when they need to use the service the most. This would trigger them to decide to cancel their subscription, since the service is not reliable. The same is true for web hosting service providers. There will always be problem like outage or slow speed, and this can frustrate their loyal customers.

Aside from these, there are other factors that trigger a customer to cancel their services such as:

  • Rude and ignorant customer support that don’t help them resolve their issues at all.
  • Unable to reach customer support all the time.
  • Getting a lot of disputes when it comes to monthly billing.
  • The service is too expensive for them to keep up.
  • The tools available or the service itself is not easy to use
  • The web hosting service does not have the feature that they are looking for.

When It’s Time To Leave Your Web Hosting Provider

image circleWhen you first sign up with a web hosting provider, you would think of being with them in the long run. Sometimes, this is not the case as you feel uncomfortable using their services. When you decide to leave your web hosting provider, it would be too late, and you have to consider a lot of things before you do so.

When you sign up for iPage, you can try it out for the first 30 days, risk free. If you feel that iPage does not suit your need, or if you feel that you don’t want the service anymore, you can go ahead and cancel your subscription, and get a full refund.

Can You Cancel Anytime?

image circle - like iconSo, what if 30 days had passed? For example, you’re on your 3rd month of your subscription, and you wanted to cancel because you just don’t feel that iPage is the right service for you. Can you still cancel your service, and get a refund? The answer is yes. With iPage, you can cancel your service anytime you feel dissatisfied.

There is no contract or lock in period when you sign up with iPage. With their Anytime Money-Back Guarantee, you can be assured that you will still get refunded for the months that you have not used. How does this work?

  • When you cancel within your first 30 days, you get a full refund.
  • If you wish to cancel your service after 30 days, iPage will give refund your payment (pro-rated) in the months you had not used. For example, if you opt for a 1 year plan, decided to cancel after your 3rd month, iPage will refund the 9 months that you have not used yet.
  • Domain fee registration and additional fees for add-on services are not refundable.
  • This only applies for those who made credit card payment.

Should You Cancel Your iPage Subscription?

image circle support icon customerYou can try to call iPage’s customer support if you have any dispute or issues with your service before you cancel with them. You can reach their customer support 24/7 through phone, chat or email. iPage also have an online help center and knowledge base that can give your answers to your questions right away.

When you’re really decided to cancel your subscription with iPage, it’s better to review their Terms Of Agreement. All the things you need to know and what you need to do is written there.

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