Any Examples Of Sites Hosted by iPage?

The best way to know the quality of a certain service is to try it. This way, you will immediately know whether their service is worth purchasing. The same is true for web hosting services. You can tell the quality of service a web host provides by looking at the websites that signed up with them.

iPage Hosting Services

money iconiPage is the epitome of excellent web hosting service at its most reasonable price. You can sign up with their hosting service for a price that is less than $2 a month. That’s way lower than any web hosting price you’ll see in the market.

For this very low cost, you’ll get all the basic services you’ll need to start your own site including:

  • unlimited storage space and bandwidth
  • a free domain
  • unlimited MySQL databases and email accounts
  • an integrated site builder
  • applications installer
  • a number of add-on services to spice up your website.

Websites that are hosted on iPage

image circle - domain with gear iconA huge portion of the millions of published websites today owe their existence to iPage. iPage has been around in over a decade and has been one of the most sought after web hosting providers up to this date. Their price is so affordable;anyone can try their regular hosting plan for only $20 a year.

image circle - browser with arrowThat is why you won’t have a hard time finding websites that are hosted with iPage. Try visiting these websites and check how well iPage performs in terms of response time, server reliability, web designs and more. You can also look for problems, if any, from the site owners to help you decide in choosing your web host.

We’ve seen many iPage-hosted sites, and so far these websites present diverse designs, functionalities and contents. You can check and compare them and hopefully they can help you in your decision. These are their URLs:

Check out the iPage Community Directory

image circle - another seoFinding websites hosted by a specific web host can be quite difficult because sometimes there is just no way for you to determine who’s hosting the said site.Fortunately, iPage has been generous in giving web users an effective way for easily finding iPage-hosted sites.You can find hundreds of websites hosted by iPage in one place.

They are carefully arranged into categories for easier navigation. This place is called the iPage Community Directory. It has a two-way function.

  • First, it lets iPage users, especially new ones, to advertise and promote their website using the official site of iPage. For a small price, site owners can have their websites featured on iPage’s exclusive list in the community directory. This is a good way to attract site visitors since the iPage community directory is regularly visited by hundreds of web users each day.
  • Second, it allows any user, even those who do not have yet an iPage hosting account, to search for websites hosted by iPage. You are offered the option to use its search engine or browse through the list of websites under different categories. Whichever you use, you’re sure to find only those websites created using an iPage hosting account.

Get Listed in the iPage Community Directory

image circle directory listingsAs discussed earlier, you need to pay a certain amount to have your site listed under the iPage community directory. Being an iPage user per se will does not mean that you site will automatically found under this list. This add-on service is worth $29.95 per year. It might seem more expensive than the price of iPage’s hosting service itself.

But considering the cost of advertising with other websites, this option is certainly more economical. You can purchase this service from iPage’s official site at

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