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What are your top considerations when it comes to choosing the right web hosting account for you? Some people might prioritize the monthly pricing since this says if you can afford the hosting or not. For others, it is the speed of connectivity from the web site to the server. There are those who are willing to spend a bit more to guarantee the good performance of their site.

Then there are those who are just beginning to learn how to put up and maintain a site, which is why tools and freebies are needed to help them start something new.

Knowing your priorities will help you filter out what’s important in the very long list of features that you will see. No doubt, these web hosting pages will bombard you with free data, long list of “technical” features and overwhelm you with so much options that basically, you will just want to get it over with.

Do yourself a favor and list down your priorities. Limit it to 5. Then list your second 5 list of WANTS in your hosting account. Use this list as a guide when you go through your web hosting options.

Let’s start with iPage. Selecting the right hosting account means getting to know their offers one at a time. It is good to know their offers to you before you sign up to anything so that you know exactly what you are getting into.

Now check this list of 5 items and see how many of your priorities are listed in this group. As early as now, you can assess if this seems like a good fit. You can still change your mind if there are other things that you felt you didn’t really need but after some research, you suddenly realize that they are important, too.

Websites of today do not just tell you about a company, product or a school. It also helps you get what you need, whether it is more information, comprehensive data, to sign up for a particular service and most of the time, a product that you need to buy.

If you are thinking of making your site an eCommerce site, note these iPage features that you may find very useful:

  • PayPal integration is provided
  • You have a shopping cart application for use, for free
  • SSL is provided, so that logins and transactions are secured
  • You have the option to get a dedicated IP address, for an additional $59.95 per year
  • Spam assassin is provided for you and your users so that they don’t get unwanted mail

How do you buy an iPage hosting account?
You can get an iPage account simply by visiting their site. You can sign up directly from their site as long as you provide your valid billing details.

How do you pay for an iPage hosting account?
You pay for an iPage account via credit card. They also accept payments via debit cards and PayPal.

I’m just a first timer here, Where do I begin?
Do not be afraid – a lot of first timers go to iPage, too! In fact, everyone who is an expert today started as a newbie.

What are the best features for an online shopping site?
If you are thinking of building an online shopping site, consider the following features of iPage.

How can my blog be hosted in iPage?
Your blog can be hosted in iPage with the help of a content management system, like WordPress or Nucleus.

I love supporting green companies. Is iPage a green company?
Yes, iPage offsets their carbon emissions by purchasing carbon offset certificates which support green energy and reforestation efforts.

Quick disclosure: This site is not owned by iPage, and is not a service provider but simply an independent review site. We may earn referral fees when you make purchases through the links on this site.

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